Doing Business

  1. Available Properties

    Search available properties in the city.

  2. Bids & Contracts

    Look through bids and contracts.

  3. Building Codes

    Read through the cities building codes.

  4. Building Inspections

    Access information about building inspections.

  5. Building/Construction Permits

    Browse information about building permits.

  6. Business Licenses

    Find out how to obtain a business license.

  7. Demographics

    Examine the demographics of Hampton.

  8. Economic Development

    Explore economic development resources.

  1. Hampton Roads Convention Center

    Get information about the Hampton Roads Convention Center.

  2. Maps / GIS

    View maps and GIS resources.

  3. Master Plans

    Look through the city's master plans.

  4. Special Events Permits

  5. Small Businesses

    Obtain information for small businesses.

  6. Taxes

    Review important information about taxes.

  7. Zoning

    Research zoning information.