NOTE: Should the City of Hampton close due to inclement weather, on a date that an ITB/RFP is due to close, then those Bids/RFPs will be due and opened on the next “full” (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) business day at the same time stated in the ITB/RFP.
The Procurement Office serves the City of Hampton, Hampton City Schools and the Hampton Roads Regional Academy of Criminal Justice. We are responsible for all formal bid transactions, procurements related to construction, professional services, transactions requiring performance bonding, annual contracts for goods, materials and supplies.

Procurement laws may require you to submit a surety bond with your bid in the form of a certified or cashier's check or bid bond. This requirement will be stated in the bid instructions.

The Procurement Office will attempt to mail notices for formal bids to prospective vendors. Notices are also posted on a bid board located in the office and advertised in the Tuesday edition of the Daily Press under "Legal Notices - Advertisements for Bid" in the classified section.

Current Solicitations for Goods and Services
  1. ABC Virginia Auto Auction

    ABC Virginia Auto Auction is the city's designated company for automotive equipment sales & disposal of light duty vehicles. Read on...
  1. Motley’s Auction & Realty Group

    Motley’s Auction & Realty Group is the designated company of the City of Hampton's automotive equipment sales & disposal of heavy duty trucks/motorized construction equipment. Read on...