1. Beauty is Important to Our City

    According to Keep America Beautiful, Inc., "incorporating visual beauty into public spaces has proven to be an effective method for raising property values, reducing crime, enhancing the local economy, and improving public health." Studies also show that well landscaped and beautiful sites are less littered than barren or unkempt sites.

  2. Brownfields

    Brownfields are often underutilized or abandoned properties in which future development is hindered or complicated by presence of environmental contaminants. Many people think of Brownfields sites as former industrial and commercial properties such as gas stations, dry cleaning facilities, and photo processing labs or landfills. Brownfields can also refer to properties such as land or buildings containing asbestos, PCB’s, mold or other pollutants.

  3. Keep Hampton Green

    Keep Hampton Green is designed to utilize donations for landscaping improvements along major city thorough-fares and in public areas.

  4. SAGE Hampton

    SAGE HAMPTON is a donation funded program managed by the Hampton Neighborhood Development Partnership. It’s designed to beautify the local streetscape, filter stormwater, boost community pride and appreciation, and facilitate future economic development by creating a more inviting roadway environment. The SAGE program is built on 20 years of proven success and experience.

  5. Clean City Awards Open Nomination

    Find out how to nominate someone for a Clean City Award.

  6. Hampton Clean Business Award

    Hampton Clean Business Award program encourages community businesses to maintain their respective premises and surrounding areas in a clean, litter-free, environmentally sound manner.

  7. Yard Work Assistance for Seniors

    Learn how to help out by providing yard work assistance to senior citizens.

  8. Y.A.R.D.S.

    The Y.A.R.D.S. program is a contest designed to promote community awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly yards.