Hampton Boards & Commissions

  1. 2019 Commemorative Commission

    The mission of the 2019 Commemorative Commission is to promote the history of the first Africans and to plan events leading up to a year-long remembrance/commemoration program in 2019.

  2. Animal Control Advisory Committee

    Promotes the care and well being of domestic animals and wildlife in the City of Hampton and educates citizens on the services that are provided to accomplish this goal.

  3. Arts Commission

    Acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council to promote the further development and awareness of artistic and cultural programs in the city and to provide a coordinated method of city support of cultural organizations and programs.

  4. Athletic Hall of Fame Committee

    The Athletic Hall of Fame Committee recognizes outstanding achievement or service and preserves the ideals and traditions of sports as a positive influence on our youth and a potent factor in our Virginia way of life.

  5. Board of Review of Real Estate Assessments

    Hears complaints about property assessments and may increase, decrease or affirm the assessment of which complaint is made.

  6. Board of Zoning Appeals

    Considers appeals or variances by anyone affected by a decision of the zoning administrator.

  7. Building Code Board of Appeals

    Hears appeals from architects, engineers, developers and contractors because the building official or code administrator is not properly interpreting the code, provisions of the code do not fully apply or an equal or better means has been used.

  8. Citizens Engagement Advisory and Review Commission

    The Citizens Engagement Advisory Commission fosters communication and broadens understanding between the citizens of Hampton and the City of Hampton Administration.

  9. Citizens' Unity Commission

    Promotes and sponsors activities and events that bring diverse citizens together and offers diversity education for individuals and groups.

  10. Clean City Commission

    Improves and enhances the physical environment of Hampton through beautification, solid waste management education, coastal awareness activities and litter abatement programs, and educates citizens and encourages their participation.

  11. Coliseum Advisory Committee

    Acts in an advisory capacity to Hampton Coliseum management.

  12. Economic Development Authority

    Administers land sales and development in the Hampton Roads Center office park and provides a vehicle to encourage development projects in all areas of the city.

  13. Federal Area Development Authority (FADA)

    Works in partnership with the military and other federal facilities to promote the development of federal infrastructure and increase coordination between military, private industry, and academic research institutions to foster economic growth.

  14. Finance Committee

    Provides the City Council with a strategic view of city finances and analysis and advice in support of the council's decision-making processes.

  15. Golf Course Advisory Committee

    Advises City Council on matters pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the city's golf courses.

  16. Grievance Board

    Hears employee grievances and makes final and binding decisions.

  17. Hampton Employees Retirement (HERS)

    Responsible for overall direction and operation of the City's supplemental retirement plan.

  18. Mayor's Committee for People w/ Disabilities

    Assists with the services of the handicapped in the various functions of everyday life, including advising on programs, activities and legislative matters.

  19. Military Affairs Committee (MAC)

    Maintains a strong working relationship between the citizens of Hampton and the members of our armed forces serving locally, as well as veterans, and their families.

  20. Neighborhood Commission

    Provides leadership, guidance, and support neighborhoods and oversees the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative

  21. Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

    Coordinates and recommends strategies for maximizing the use of the use of publicly owned property for parks and recreational purposes; makes recommendations to the Director of Parks and Recreation, the city manager and council.

  22. Peninsula Stadium Authority (War Memorial)

    Operates, maintains and perpetuates the use of the Peninsula War Memorial Stadium for professional baseball and other compatible uses.

  23. Peninsula Town Center CDA

    Assists in financing certain improvements in connection with the proposed development with the the Community Development Authority (CDA) District.

  24. Planning Commission

    Makes recommendations to City Council on items relating to the community plan, zoning ordinance and land use requests.

  25. Purchasing & Procurement Oversight Committee

    Reviews purchasing and contractual procedures and practices of all agencies and departments of the city and recommends improvements.

  26. Redevelopment & Housing Authority Board

    Establishes goals and sets policy for the Hampton Redevelopment & Housing Authority to revitalize and empower communities through housing and community development programs.

  27. Senior Citizens Advisory Committee

    An advisory board to City Council or designee on matters pertaining to the recreational, social, and health needs of senior citizens.

  28. Social Services Local Advisory Board

    Interests itself in all matters pertaining to the social welfare of the people of Hampton.

  29. Wetlands Board

    Reviews applications to use or develop wetlands and investigates all projects, whether proposed or ongoing, that alter wetlands located within the city.

  30. Youth Commission

    Gives youth a formal role in addressing youth issues in the city.