Adult Programs

About Our Therapeutic Recreation Program

For adults with special needs, there are ongoing therapeutic recreation opportunities. These individuals can participate in events with others while playing cards and board games, dancing, doing crafts, and much more.

The Therapeutic Recreation Division offers programs throughout Hampton. Our programs are specifically designed for individuals with disabilities. By design, the groups are usually small and the participant-to-staff ratio is appropriate to the needs of the group.

Therapeutic Recreation Programs

Hampton Parks and Recreation welcomes individuals with disabilities to participate in all recreation programs and activities. Programs and activities are appropriate for all ages, interests, and skill levels. The activities are planned to meet the interests of the participants and may be individualized based on the assessment. Therapeutic recreation activities may include swimming classes, craft classes, trips, camps, adult programs, special events, and varied offerings every season.

Reasonable accommodations are provided to enable individual's successful participation in our general recreation program. A general recreation program may be modified using adapted equipment and/or supported services, but the structure of the general recreation program, group size, and staff remain the same. A minimum of two-weeks-notice is required to insure appropriate accommodations. Eligibility requirements (age, level of participation) must be met in order to participate in the inclusion therapeutic recreation program.

  • Participant must complete the assessment process before participation in a program.
  • Adults can participate in a given program as scheduled. Program emphasis is on socialization and recreation.

How to Enroll in the Therapeutic Recreation Programs

Registration is ongoing. Please call (757) 728-1710 to schedule an assessment for enrollment. Assessments are by appointment only.